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  • International Congress Peloids (21 - 22 March 2014, Bad Bayersoien, Germany)
    [2014.02.17.] - ISMH - News category: General
    Dear colleagues, practitioners and friends of peloid-therapy!

    Peloids and it’s various forms of preparation and application have been successfully used separately and in combination with other remedies for centuries in clinical work.

    The indications for peloid-therapy, as listed by spa resorts, are amazingly diverse and include skin and respiratory diseases, inflammatory and non-inflammatory rheumatic diseases, gynecological diseases and infertility, general susceptibility to infections and psychological fatigue.

    Peloid-therapy was considered standard medical treatment in earlier internal medicine, pediatric, dermatology, rheumatology, gynecology and orthopedic textbooks but many modern clinicians and scientists are skeptical of it’s efficacy despite it’s general acceptance and support by patients.

    When a patient is interested in the possibilities of peloid-therapy at a spa or hospital, we should be able to answer, competently, the questions, “What is, in fact, peloid-therapy” and “What form of peloid-therapy`s effectiveness has been scientifically proven or at least confirmed through clinical experience?”

    The aim of the conference is to provide the very best possible forum for answers to clinically relevant questions. Which indications are applicable and which are no longer
    pertinent? There will be more than enough time for critical discussion and discussions of new scientific research will be especially welcome with interest.

    At our last Peloid Symposium held in March of 2012 at Clinic Blankenstein, Hattingen, Germany, much new research information was presented. For example, it was previously thought that only the thermal-physical effects of peat were of primary importance. But it has become increasingly clear that peat’s biological effects also play a very significant role in treatment which has lead us to increase research in this direction.

    I’m hoping for and wishing you all an informative conference with lively and interesting discussion among the warm and friendly atmosphere of fellow balneologists and beautiful surroundings of Spa Bayersoien.

    I remain respectfully yours,

    André-Michael Beer

    Conference Venue:
    Parkhotel am Soier See, Am Kurpark 1, 82435 Bad Bayersoien, Germany

    Conference fee
    Regular Conference fee: € 70, -
    Reduced rate for members of cooperating society DGMT
    (with ID): € 50, -
    Reduced rate for students (with ID): € 20, -
    Chairpersons and speakers: free

    The Conference fee includes
    • Book of Abstracts
    • Coffee breaks
    • Get together at Park Hotel am Soier See on Friday, March 21 st
    Conference Dinner on Friday, March 21nd (not included in the conference fee)

    Organisation, Information, Registration
    Ammergauer Alpen GmbH
    Eugen-Papst-Str. 9A, 82487 Oberammergau
    A. Hutter (bis 12.30 Uhr)
    T: +49(0)8822/92 27 443 F: +49(0)8822/92 27 45
    J. Holfeld
    T: +49(0)8822/92 27 434 F: +49(0)8822/92 27 45

    Program and more details >>


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