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Membership fee for 2021 - Call for contribution

Dear Members, Dear Colleagues,

The time has come for the members of the ISMH, who have not yet done, to pay their membership fee for 2021.

Your contribution is essential for the functioning of the ISMH and our website.

We thank you in advance for you to rule as soon as possible.

The contribution for 2021 is:
50 Euro for individuals
200 Euro for societies or companies

You will find below the different ways of paying your dues, which you can also find on the website http://www.ismh-direct.net

1. Bank transfers can be done to the bank account of ISMH in France:

I.S.M.H. Treasury
IBAN: FR76 3000 3019 8700 0500 3659 563

Address the copy of the transfer with your personal data (surname, name, institution, address, email, phone) to:
ISMH Treasury C/O Mme Araceli MUELA GARCIA, 12, rue Albert 1er 73100 Aix-les-Bains France

2. Euros libelled bank cheques also can be cashed (best for french members); they must be adressed to:

ISMH Treasury C/O Mme Araceli MUELA GARCIA, 12, rue Albert 1er 73100 Aix-les-Bains France

We hope to see you soon at the International Congress of Dax, France 10 to 11 June 2021

Thank you for your interest in ISMH.

Araceli MUELA GARCIA, ISMH Treasurer


20 centuries ago, the troops of the famous roman general Cneius pompeius magnus, were already benefiting from the Dax maturated muds. The roman soldiers returned home long ago, but patients with musculo-skeletal conditions continue to be successfully treated. The peloids made Dax one of the most antique, much-acclaimed and active spa resort in France.

20 years ago, an academic institute was created in Dax. It is dedicated to the training of professionals for balneotherapy care facilities and other hydrotherapy activities as well as to scientific research. The Dax institute will host the venue of the 45th ISMH Congress. We hope the delegates will share the best and most novel scientific knowledge and professional experiences.

2021 june 10 & 11, Dax will be proud to offer you the traditional and celebrated hospitality of the south-west of France. I am sure all of you will enjoy it..

Welcome in Dax.

Professor Christian-F. Roques MD
Congress President


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Welcome to the 45th World Congress of Medical Hydrology.
The International Society of Medical Hydrology (ISMH) is proud to have its 45th Congress in Dax under the Presidency of Prof. Christian-François Roques-Latrille.

France has a great tradition in Balneology. Not only historical but also in scientific, social and cultural aspects. Dax is a very good example of this with its rich history and its Institute of Thermalism where Education and Research get together allowing a very important development on Balneology knowledge. Thus, having an ISMH Congress in this thermal city constitutes a very special occasion. We are expecting participants from all over the world. ISMH is spreading its presence on more places allowing the contact of scientists from different countries, regions and cultures. With this we are giving people more opportunities to share their knowledge and experience with their colleagues from all over the world. I am convinced that the presentations within the proposed topics will reach a high level and will interested you. Besides the scientific contents this congress aims to increase the participation of all the ISMH members in its activities. To start this process we would like to invite you all to our General Assembly to share and discuss our ideas and future plans. We will talk there about statutes review, website renewal, financial situation, next congresses, international courses, cooperation with other balneology institutions. For this we do need the contribution of all of you.

In conclusion we may say that this 45th Congress has many important aspects to the future of Medical Hydrology. We trust on a good participation in the success of the organization. Wish you a fruitful meeting and a wonderful stay in Dax that can bring you excellent memories.

Sincerely yours,

Pedro Cantista
ISMH President

Abstract submission deadline: 2021 April 30.

Abstract submission, online registration, more information on the website of the Congress: https://www.ismh-dax2021.com/

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